Graphic Surgery Gallery

[my picture (45kb)]
45kb of mother nature's and
my hairdresser's finest work

Since my face is so dominantly present on this website, you might feel an urge to commit graphic (plastic) surgery and for instance give me a red nose or insult me in some other distasteful way. Feel free! Do not keep your feelings inside; ruin my good looks. Download my picture (right mouse button and save as ...), train your graphic skills on me, mail me the fruits of your labour as an attachment, and I'll put my new self in this gallery.
If you prefer insulting somebody else, you might send his or her picture. I might feel insulted too.

Of course you can also decide not to operate on me and simply return to the homepage of my webside, or wherever you came from (English, or Dutch pages).

[Thirteenth surgical insult: September 13, 2013]
Surgeon: Julian Konig

[Twelveth surgical insult: June 18, 2006]
Surgeon: Julian Konig

[Eleventh surgical insult: May 12, 2006]
Surgeon: Koos Nuijten

[Tenth surgical insult: November 10, 2005]
Surgeon: Hans C. Rebers

[Ninth surgical insult: November 10, 2005]
Surgeon: Roeland van der Most van Spijk

[Eighth surgical insult: July 24, 2003]
Surgeon: Jaap-André de Hoop

[Seventh surgical insult: May 16, 2001]
Surgeon: Susanne Samuelsz

[Sixth surgical insult: November 17, 2000]
Surgeon: Annette van der Mooren

[Fifth surgical insult: August 10, 2000]
Surgeon: Frank van Noort

[Fourth surgical insult: July 30, 1999]
Surgeon: Gerben Westerhof

[Third surgical insult: November 10, 1998]
Surgeon: Caroline Mulders

[Second surgical insult: February 24, 1998]
Surgeon: Fred Hubers

[First surgical insult: February 3, 1998]
Surgeon: Rob Wolters

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